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Hokkaido Collective is a premier mountain guiding and instruction company, founded in 2016 by Reilly McGlashan and Makoto Sasamori, who shared a vision to deliver the highest standard of professional mountain experience in Japan. The company's mission is to provide the best ski instruction and guiding services in Hokkaido by hiring the most experienced and highest certified instructors and guides to work together and learn from each other, ultimately raising the standard of the industry.

Reilly McGlashan, the Ski School Director and co-founder, spent 9 winters working in Aspen Ajax CO before making his way to Niseko, where he saw an opportunity to bring the same quality of instruction and guiding to the premier Japanese resort. He recognized that there were no ski instruction or guiding schools in Hokkaido offering the same level of expertise and qualifications as what he had in mind. Since then, he has been relentlessly developing the most highly qualified team to deliver the standard expected at major international resorts, and he intends to continue until Hokkaido Collective surpasses what all other premier resorts can offer.

Makoto Sasamori, the Operations Manager and co-founder, moved to Niseko 17 years ago to start his career in instruction and guiding. He has built up a significant portfolio of high-end clientele who demand the quality that Hokkaido Collective can provide. Reilly and Makoto met through a mutual client who recognized that they shared the same vision, leading to the creation of Hokkaido Collective.

Hokkaido Collective offers a wide range of mountain experience products, including ski instruction and coaching, powder guiding by resort access, cat skiing and heli skiing assistance, photography, and resort pick-up and drop-off services. They strive to give their diverse clientele the most memorable holiday experience possible by providing everything in between, such as booking a restaurant, organizing a masseuse, or recommending an Onsen, to give the best experience that Niseko has to offer.

The company is proud to have a team of 15 highly qualified professionals, including the highest certified team of instructors and trainer examiners in all of Hokkaido. All of their associate partners have at least 15 winters of teaching experience, with some of their most experienced associates having up to 45 winters individually. This unparalleled level of expertise sets Hokkaido Collective apart from their competitors.

When booking with Hokkaido Collective, customers can be confident that they are getting the highest standard in the industry, as the company is committed to providing the best and most professional mountain experience in Japan.

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